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We provide SMS Engine services. If you have a bulk sms campaign for India in mind, we can help via our SMS gateway.. Our team can also design a customized SMS campaign for you.

ABL SMS Marketing offers a web-to-mobile SMS tool with facilities for 2 way messaging. Through economical SMS marketing, you can set up an efficient communication system for your organization. You need nothing more than a computer with internet connection. We have simplified user interface experience so that you may immediately adopt to the system. With us, you can send different messages to different mobile numbers simultaneously.

And many other types of SMS Marketing.

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We maintain an Email marketing as well. You can also choose from attractive Email Marketing packages available with us. We use the latest techniques for the purpose. You also have a number of HTML designs to choose from.

Corporate clients can benefit from the dedicated server services.

We can help organizations to target segmented consumer groups with personalized and scheduled emails. The analytic tools enable you to track the success of your high volume email marketing program. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and established channels with major ISPs. This ensures increased delivery rate into the INBOX, instead of being marked as SPAM by gmail, yahoo, and others.

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Our IT products include CRM technology, short codes, virtual numbers, online web marketing, sms management, etc.

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