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SMS Marketing in India

The CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is a popular method of managing the interaction with prospective customers, existing customers, sales prospects, and clients. The CRM technology can be useful to automate, organize, and synchronize operational workflow. Although its priority is to optimize sales activities, yet it is also very useful for managing marketing, customer support, and troubleshooting technical assistance. The key objectives of CRM technology include finding, engaging, and winning new clients along with nurturing, and maintaining the existing client base. It also includes enticing former clients to resume business, all the while significantly reducing marketing expenditure by streamlining the entire procedure. The Customer Relationship Management describes a company-wide business strategy, encouraging proper collaboration between customer interface departments and other departments. The analytical tools help in measuring the success of marketing strategies, thereby setting the rules of interaction.

Many of our clients use our CRM solution to manage their sales.

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SMS Short Code India - 56677

Welcome to try our exciting world of Mobile SMS Shortcode services. With mobile phones available with almost every person, the use of this for marFketing purpose has great potential. The Short Code Messaging (SMS) services avails a single destination of interaction media through which we could directly get in touch with our customers. We can also help to conduct different media promotional events like bids, contests, surveys, lucky winner, draws, lead generation, and product enquiries in a cost effective manner.

The various features of our SMS Short Code Service include

  • FREE auto welcome message
  • Online control panel
  • Customized auto reply feature for each keyword
  • Unlimited sub keywords
  • Email forwarding
  • Real time online reporting
  • URL post, and
  • SMS forwarding (at the charge of 1 SMS credit)

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The virtual number is a usual mobile number exclusively used for receiving calls from other mobile devices. You can send messages to various mobile networks and receive response over the net using our online interface. You can also download it in real time in an EXCEL format. Short codes can only receive SMS responses, but with virtual number services you can also attend calls. This facility is typically useful in establishing a two way communication channel between a SMS application or a user. You can also approach the mobile audience with the query of advertised content.

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sms for Mobile Marketing

The Dynamic Query forms can be useful in collecting web leads. These forms are strategically placed in pages of client website with featured products or services put up for promotion or sale. The various tools used to generate leads include SEO, facebook, email marketing, web banners, etc.

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